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Our mission

ACTA is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2005, dedicated to the mental health care of Spanish-speaking people around the world. We work on it through a wide branch of professional services adaptable to the disorder that must be considered in each individual. And supporting your goals and your desire to lead a full, independent, and satisfying life.

ACTA is committed to promoting mental health as a fundamental part of social well-being, educating the Hispanic community in the causes, effects, treatments, and preventive actions.

Our History

ACTA´s story is the story of a person who has turned his intense fight against depressive anxiety into the desire to help thousands of people around the world to overcome any mental disorder.


In the 1980s, Ulises Manuel Duran, a 12-year-old boy, suffered his first panic attack. During his symptoms, his parent’s concern, and numerous visits to the doctor, Ulises was wrongly diagnosed with heart problems.


His symptoms worsened day by day, he lasted 10 years misdiagnosed, and in the ‘90s, when he was 22 years old, his anxiety completely overflowed and his life was reduced to a small comfort zone, he could not study, he lost his job, his friends, he lost his whole life.

This is how Ulises Duran spent 20 years visiting doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and depending on medications that did not help him get out of his situation.


However, the occasion came that would finally answer. Ulises participated in the 2000 pilot test at the University of California (UCLA) voluntarily. While he was there, he understood that the solution to any mental disorder comes from yourself, that by restoring your mind, your thoughts, and your emotions you can save thousands and thousands of dollars in medicines or external solutions. Also, he decided to dedicate his life to avoid more people in the world the same suffering.


On January 25, 2005, Ulises Duran embraced this decision by creating the company “Acceptance and Understanding of Anxiety Disorders” ACTA

Since then ACTA has been the hope for those Hispanics within the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County who considered that overcoming their anxiety or depression was impossible.


In 2009, ACTA launched its international program which has reached more than 3,000 people so far.


Today, we continue changing the lives of thousands of people around the world not only in anxiety disorders and depression but also in others involved with mental health care.

Our philosophy

Much of our work is guided by understanding that any mental disorder is the long-term consequence of countless thoughts and emotions created in response to external or internal events for which the person is mentally unprepared.

When we think about taking care of ourselves physically, we do not wait for old age to start doing it, from now on we move the body, exercise our muscles, take care of the way we eat or run to the doctor when something does not look well, because we know how important it is. So why don’t we do the same with our minds and our emotions? Like our physical part, we must love, care, exercise, and be aware of how we are feeding our minds, our emotions, and our spirit.

ACTA is committed to being the mental gym we all deserve. It is committed to teaching you step by step how to restore your mind and also how to take care of it permanently. It promises that you will love your mental health.

How can we help you?

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Meet the ACTA team members and professionals who will accompany you throughout the program

Ulises Duran

My name is Ulises Duran, I am a Hypnotherapist and founder of the Acta program, (acceptance and understanding of anxiety disorders). For more than 20 years I suffered from anxiety, that is the main reason why I dedicated my life to studying and understanding more about anxiety. I took a course at UCLA University where they finally taught me what anxiety was and what triggered it. I also learned that anxiety is not a disease but quite the opposite, it is a normal mechanism of the mind that we need for our subsist.

More about Ulises

I am also certified as a Hypnotherapist specialized in anxiety disorders. I learned a lot about how behaviors are an essential part of many of the mental and emotional disorders that we handle in our lives, that the solution to anxiety does not come from the outside but the inside, it is me the one who is creating this and only I can restore it myself. But the greatest teaching without a doubt is the 15 years that I have been helping thousands of people around the world to get rid of these anxiety disorders, this has been the best school where I have been able to learn even more about anxiety


So many symptoms and sensations that I did not perceive but that other people presented, without a doubt it was great teaching that helped us develop new techniques and very effective exercises to release anxiety and improve the lives of so many people around the world.

mentales y emocionales que manejamos en nuestras vidas,  que la solución de la ansiedad no viene por fuera sino por dentro, soy yo el que está creando esto y solo yo mismo lo puedo restaurar, pero la mayor enseñanza sin lugar a duda son los 15 años que llevo ayudando a miles de personas al rededor del mundo a liberarse de estos trastornos de ansiedad, está ha sido la mejor escuela donde he podido aprender aún más sobre la ansiedad

Tantos síntomas y sensaciones que yo no percibí pero que otras personas presentaban, sin lugar a duda fue una gran enseñanza que nos ayudó desarrollar nuevas técnicas y ejercicios muy efectivas para liberar de la ansiedad y mejorar la vida de tantas personas al rededor del 

Jessica Medina

My name is Jessica Medina. I am an educational psychologist, psycho-corporal therapist, a teacher in education and I have a certification in Basic DNA Thetahealing. I am also the state coordinator of MUNDINOVI business training in Mexico and the USA. I have more than 7 years of experience in the area of psychology and mental health. I have worked personally and professionally with various types of disorders directly related to mental health; among which stand out the anxiety disorder and depression.

More about Jessica

I have a diploma in psychodiagnostic evaluation techniques for the assessment and detection of mental disorders.

Educational psychologists and teachers in education working directly with children with learning disabilities, attention deficit, and hyperactivity.

Experience in the holistic area through Psycho-corporal therapy whose objective is the integration of the mind, body, and soul.

My personal and professional experience has led me to specialize in these areas of child and adult psychology.

I fully believe that as human beings we are an integrated whole and as such we must experience ourselves. For me, one of the main causes of anxiety and depression are neurotic fears that lead us to live disintegrated, a large part of people today face this problem of living in the mind, disconnecting and forgetting the other two great areas that integrate us as human beings that is the body and the spirit. With my work, I seek to support and reduce cases of anxiety and others related to psycho-emotional health that prevents us from having a full and satisfying life.

I work and promote the concept of “Three-Dimensional Health” BODY-MIND-SPIRIT, where I support people in the area of ​​nutrition, exercise, and spirituality.

International lecturer and official psychologist of  THE ART IS LOVING YOURSELF and MUNDINOVI EMPRESARIAL TRAINING program.

Rosa Cortes

My name is Rosa Cortes, I currently teach the following educational processes at “Taller de Vida”, LLC as a Transformation Coach in Distinctions. In Santa

Maria California. What consists of various educational stages.

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