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Our work has been more gratifying than we expected. As a result of ACTA’s efforts, thousands of people around the world with mental health problems have been restored and now enjoy full, happy lives, full of hope and dreams. Help us continue our mission towards education, treatment, restoration, and integrated care services for those who still need it and consider that they have no way out. We are counting on you!

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Happy Cases

“I felt all that anxiety, all that fear, and I went from hospital to hospital. I thought I was going to have an attack, I could not breathe, I was afraid of falling asleep. I decided to get ahead and fight my anxiety. I am grateful to have found the program. In the second week, I already started to feel very good, you have to follow it with discipline. Thanks to my testimony, other people can come forward and say “if she could, why not me”. You can do everything, you can.

Maria Ruiz 
“From all the time I went to the doctor, he concluded that it was anxiety. Medications and psychologists were of no use to me. I started searching on YouTube and I found a testimonial from an ACTA member and I felt identified. At first, I wasn’t sure if the program was going to work, I didn’t believe what Ulises was telling me, I was full of fear. I saw more testimonials and decided to start the program. When I began to do the program with discipline, at 3 months I began to see and feel the results. I said to myself “I don’t want to stop this” and I went on, on and now I feel happy. I am not the same person I was before, now I am better. I was not happy before, now I am.”

Javier Delgado
“I had anxiety since I was a child, I was very sensitive, perfectionist, controlling and I used to organize clothes by colors and clean excessively at home, and if someone messed up, I was already angry. I ended up in an emergency room and visited 9 doctors filling myself with more medications every day. Looking for help on the internet I found ACTA and from the first moment I found it, I was sure that it was a sign from God. What you invest is nothing compared to the transformation you have. All the time I had technical support and I loved the classes. I recommend the program 100%. I assure you that in 5 weeks they are out.”

Maria Alejandra Rodas