What does this program include?

ACTA offers you proven tools for you to learn to recover from any mental disorder, in just 5 weeks of intensive work, through:

Access to all mental and physical health services.

We know that you need to restore one or more physical or mental conditions in your life. That is why the program includes all the exercises, techniques, workshops, and physical, mental, and emotional resources that our professional team has designed to restore any condition that is wearing your life.

Weekly follow-up sessions

You will not be alone in the recovery process. You have weekly live classes that you can attend according to your choice and benefit. Our professionals are there to educate you, guide you, and answer any of your questions.


We are here for you!

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Life workshop

In this session, you will work on those emotional and spiritual areas that are surely preventing a true transformation. Allow yourself to let go, change, restore, and start being a new you, you deserve it.

Member support

We know that you need to be heard so we are here to help you. You will have a telephone line, where you can contact us for any inconvenience or advice that you require for your speedy recovery. You can also contact us through our WhatsApp or email. Your well-being is our priority.

Private sessions

You have the option of taking private sessions with any of our professionals with excellent benefits and amenities for being an ACTA member. All personal sessions will take place virtually. For some types of disorders, it is advisable to take personal sessions in addition to the full program.

Recover your self-esteem

We have designed a workshop that will re-form in you the security and confidence that you need so much to maintain your well-being. Mental and emotional stability largely depends on how you consider yourself, become a new version of yourself through new habits and attitudes. The Self-Esteem workshop will be one of the last steps of transformation to a new life.

You are not alone, we can help you

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